Feller productivity in first thinning systems.

  • Á Ní Dhubháin Department of Forestry, University College, Dublin.
  • M.A. Nieuwenhuis Department of Forestry, University College, Dublin.
  • J.J. Gardiner Department of Forestry, University College, Dublin.
Keywords: Thinning systems, windthrow, rack, selective thinning, feller productivity, rack thinning.


Systematic thinnings, in particular 1-in-3Iine thinning, have been applied on a widespread basis in Ireland at first thinning stage. However the risk of windthrow associated with such thinnings has renewed interest in making first thinnings more selective (Gallagher, 1987). In the north west of the country, pure selection thinnings are presently being applied with extraction most commonly by horse or cable-crane (Phillips, 1987). In other areas susceptible to wind throw , rack and selective thinning systems are being used. However, it is expected that the widespread application of these systems will influence feller productivity. This paper describes a study that was carried out to quantify the effects of thinning systems upon feller productivity.
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