Measuring values in recreation: six different approaches.

  • Wm. Murphy Department of Forestry, University College, Dublin.
  • J.J. Gardiner Department of Forestry, University College, Dublin.
Keywords: Forest recreation, amenities, economics, outdoor pursuits.


The increase in demand for outdoor recreational resources is increasing the pressures on the landbase which is already under heavy demand from agriculture, urban development, industry, transport and even forestry . In Ireland, recreation has the greatest impact on the urban fringe where the conflicting demands are also greatest. Recreation must be able to compete with other uses if it is to be regarded as a legitimate land use. It is also important in an era of financial constraint that investment should not continue on the vague notion that it is "a good thing" especially where no demand exists. It is, however, essential that recreation should not suffer because of financial constraint when the demand is very likely to increase in the future due to changing patterns in society...
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