Samuel Hayes of Avondale.

  • Eileen McCracken
Keywords: Forestry history, forestry policy, estate forestry, Avondale, arboriculture, silviculture, botany.


Samuel Hayes was a barrister and an MP in the Irish Commons from 1783 to 1790 and he was also involved with the Volunteers. In 1785 he was responsible for amending an act of 5 and 6 George 111 entitled 'An act for encouraging the cultivation and better preservation of trees'. In 1792 the Dublin Society appointed him to a committee to select a suitable site for a botanic garden. His interest in planting trees and in antiquities is discussed and there is a description of the Avondale estate in county Wicklow. When Hayes died in 1795, he bequeathed Avondale and his farm in Glenmalure to Sir John Parnell, the great-grandfather of Charles Stewart Parnell...
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