Farm forestry in Ireland.

  • Jasmina Behan Skills and Labour Market Research Unit, FAS, 25 Clyde Road, Dublin 4.
  • Kieran McQuinn Central Bank and Financial Services Authority of Ireland, Dame Street, Dublin 2.
Keywords: Farm forestry, panel data model, agricultural policy.


Irish afforestation rates have continuously fallen short of targets set out in national policy objective statements. In this study we develop a panel data econometric model to analyse on-farm afforestation and to provide projections of future national planting rates. We do so by utilising the existing FAPRl-Ireland modelling framework and assuming two policy scenarios for the future. First, we generate projections assuming no change in agricultural and forestry policy will take place over the projection period. Second, we examine how the projections of farm forestry change if existing policy is amended to account for more extensive production practices in the beef and sheep sectors.
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