The poet, the sculptor and the forester - Sculpture in Woodland, the Devil's Glen Wood, Co. Wicklow.

  • Donal Magner Chairman, Sculpture in Woodland.
Keywords: Artists, natural, environment, functional medium, woods, project, Arts Council, corporate organisations.


Sculpture in Woodland was formed in 1994 to help establish a wood culture in Ireland, by creating a greater awareness of wood as an artistic and functional medium. The main aim of the project is to provide artists with a vibrant natural environment along with the resources and support needed to create and exhibit work of artistic excellence. Located in the Devil's Glen Wood near Ashford, Co. Wicklow, the project has attracted the best of contemporary Irish and overseas sculptors. Artists have been invited in the past to respond to the woods, as has happened in Castlewellan in Co. Down and Hazelwood, Co. Sligo. Sculpture in Woodland is, however, the first project structured in such a way as to build up a major collection of contemporary sculpture over a period of time. Sculpture in Woodland began as a collaboration between artist and forester, and has since broadened to include educational bodies, arts organisations, state agencies, corporations, local authorities and the community. While the project is international in its approach to commissioning works, it places strong emphasis on community involvement. Sculpture in Woodland creates a strong sense of place within this important local amenity, with the artists' response respecting the genius loci the area evokes. The committee is voluntary and includes a broad cross-section of people, companies and organisations from the arts, business and local communities. In 1995, Coillte generously presented the project with 600 acres of woodland in the Devil's Glen. Wicklow County Council provided the initial funding to establish the project, and was later joined by the Arts Council and a number of local and corporate organisations...
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