The development of urban forestry in Northern Ireland.

  • Mark Johnston School of Applied Biological and Chemical Sciences, University of Ulster, Coleraine, BT52 1 SA.
Keywords: Urban forestry, Northern Ireland, urban tree projects, central and local government, voluntary sector.


Urban forestry in Northern Ireland has made excellent progress since the concept was given government recognition in 1990. This progress has been achieved against a background of severe economic difficulties exacerbated by political instability and widespread civil unrest. Despite an erratic and low level of funding, the Forest of Belfast project has developed as a model for a planned, systematic and integrated approach to urban tree management which could be replicated by other public and voluntary sector organisations outside the Greater Belfast area. With the prospect of an end to "the Troubles", there could soon be an opportunity for urban forestry to make a major contribution to the regeneration of Northern Ireland's towns and cities.
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