Trends and spatial patterns in private afforestation in the Republic of Ireland.

  • Desmond A. Gillmor Department of Geography, Trinity College Dublin.
Keywords: Private afforestation, Republic of Ireland, Irish forestry.


Against a background of minimal activity, the huge growth in private afforestation in the Republic of Ireland has been dramatic. This trend is defined and set in the context of European Union policy and related national forestry incentives, but other influences are also involved. There are distinct spatial patterns in the amount and characteristics of private planting. These are mapped on a county basis and discussed with reference to: the extent of afforestation and its role in land use change; comparisons with the public sector; the ownership of private afforestation; and the type and size of tracts being planted. Differences between east and west are evident. These include a greater volume of private planting activity in the west, together with the greater use of enclosed land and the development of larger tracts of forestry. The patterns are the outcome of many complex influences, but land type is of primary importance. In the major expansion of private afforestation which is projected, greater attention should be given to the spatial dimension .
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