The development of urban forestry in the Republic of Ireland.

  • Mark Johnston School of Applied Biological and Chemical Sciences, University of Ulster, Coleraine BT52 ISA.
Keywords: Urban forestry, forestry policy, environmental, forest management, local authorities, conservation.


The development of urban forestry in the Republic of Ireland is described, from its origins through to the early part of 1997. It begins by charting how the concept was initially promoted through a few pioneering projects and with the first Urban Forestry Conference, Dublin, 1991. Government recognition and support for the concept was evident from an early stage, most notably through the Forest Service's grant aid schemes for urban woodland. The Tree Council of Ireland has acted as a catalyst for action on urban forestry in a wide range of activities. The Environmental Conservation Organisation CECa), one of its member organisations, has also played a leadership role in promoting the concept nationally and by building a network of interested organisations and individuals. The Second National Conference on Urban Forestry, held in Limerick, 1996, heralded the beginning of an urban forestry movement throughout Ireland and has stimulated interest in the development of comprehensive urban forest management systems by local authorities in the Republic.
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