An overview of Coillte's forest resource inventory and timber production forecasting system.

  • Liam Quinn Coillte Teo., Leeson Lane, Dublin 2.
Keywords: Timber production, forest inventory, thinning, crop rotation, forecasting system, Thinning and Rotation Classification.


Coillte was established in 1989 as a state-owned commercial forestry company. The forest asset value of its estate is over £800 million (1994). Coillte has over 1,400 employees (both industrial and non-industrial). Turnover increased from £42 million in 1993 to £57 million in 1994. Net profit in 1993 was £1.7 million, and this is expected to increase substantially in 1994. The company planted over 10,000 ha in 1994, and sold over 2 million m3 of timber. The current (1994) size of Coillte's estate is 415,000 ha, of which 390,000 ha are planted. The average yield class for conifer species is 14.6 m3/ha/yr. The estate is mainly Sitka spruce (59%) and lodgepole pine (23%). Other main conifer species are Scots pine, Norway spruce, Japanese larch and Douglas fir. Broadleaves make up only 3% of the estate - most broadleaf areas were transferred to other state agencies when Coillte was established. It is company policy to increase the level of broadleaf planting, subject to suitable land becoming available...
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