Douglas fir in France - a species selection model.

  • Jean De Champs AFOCEL ARMEF Region Nord-Est, 21170 Charry-Sur Saone, France
Keywords: Europe, England, Douglas, ornamental species, commercial species.


After its discovery by the Scot Archibald Menzies two centuries ago on Vancouver Island, Douglas fir was first planted in Europe in England in 1827 and in Germany in 1829. In France the first Douglas fir was planted in 1842 in Brittany and further specimens were planted in the Centre, Normandy and Limousin Regions. It was planted as an ornamental species,in parks and gardens. Large scale planting of Douglas fir began in 1872, in the Beaujolais area. Its use as a commercial species really dates from 1946 when the FFN (National Forestry Resources) was created. Today Douglas fir accounts for 26% of all French afforestation. [...]
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