Danish land-use and forestry policy.

  • Neils Bundgaard Forest Management Planning Division, The Native Forest and Nature Agency, Denmark.
  • John McLoughlin Chief Environmental Officer, Coillte Teoranta, The Irish Forestry Board.
Keywords: Denmark, silvicultura1, climate, afforestation, consultative process, environmental management.


Denmark currently has 12% of its land area under trees and proposes to increase this area to 25% in a tree generation, i.e. 80 - 100 years. The Danes have experience of planned forestry since 1762 and they have developed silvicultura1 systems to suit their own climate and conditions. Ireland, with its rapid development of afforestation can learn lessons from the Danish experience. Their well developed planning and consultative process, together with good environmental management and their multiple use concept of forestry have ensured that opposition to afforestation, prevalent in the developed countries, has not been an issue in Denmark.
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