Changes in CAP and GATT - implications for Irish farming and land-use.

  • Brendan Kearney Brendan Kearney and Associates, Agribusiness and Economic Consultants 8 Meadow Close, Blackrock Co. Dublin.
Keywords: Common Agricultural Policy, GATT, trade agreement, land acquisition, land prices, land use, agriculture reforms, marginal land, afforestation, CAP.


The recent reform of the CAP is undoubtedly the most fundamental overhaul of the support system for agriculture since its inception 30 years ago. While the main emphasis was on the price/market issue rather than the socio-structural, the reform still represents a major shift in emphasis from price support as a means of assisting incomes to a policy based on direct payments. More commodities, with the notable exception of milk, now have this feature, and in consequence support mechanisms will now be much more transparent than the system they are replacing...
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