Growth potential of poplars in Northern Ireland.

  • R. Schaible Forest Service, Department of Agriculture (N.I.).
Keywords: Poplar planting, Populus trichocarpa, P. deltoides, Northern Ireland, CTMP, pulp wood production.


The development of poplar planting in Northern Ireland is described. Results from an experiment comparing five cultivars (clones) planted in 1977 are presented and briefly discussed. Clones derived from P. trichocarpa are recommended as the most reliable and productive until more information becomes available. It is recommended that commercial poplar planting should be initially restricted to sheltered sites below 100m elevation. Soil pH should be above preferably exceed 5.0. It is suggested that, using P. trichocarpa, a timber yield of 24m3/ha/year could be achieved on suitable sites over a 15 year rotation.
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