A bog flow at Bellacorrick forest, Co. Mayo.

  • E. Hendrick Coillte Teoranta, Research & Development Division, Sidmonton Place, Bray, Co. Wicklow.
Keywords: Bog flow, blanket peat, ploughing, peat strength, bog topography, drainage, collector drains, flooding, peatlands.


A bog flow occurred in mid-July, 1988 at Sheskin property, Bellacorrick forest which affected an area of 2.4ha of blanket peat planted with lodgepole pine. Over much of the area the bog was completely removed down to a basal, greasy peat layer. The lower, softer layers flowed over this material and carried the upper, firmer layers downslope. This pattern is very similar to other bog flows which have occurred in the same region. It is suggested that the exceptional weather of May, June and July contributed to the flow together with the lack of collector drains which left the peat soft and saturated. These factors, together with a topography which predisposed the bog to movement, initiated the flow. Collector drains placed at sufficient depth and intensity should be sufficient to prevent similar occurrences.
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