A thinning experiment in Avoca forest: Results over 23 years.

  • Ted Lynch Research Branch, 2 Sidmonton Place, Bray, Co. Wicklow.
Keywords: Thinning, basal area, volume increment, silviculture, crop productivity, effects of thinning, rotation period.


During the spring of 1964, a thinning experiment was established in Avoca Forest, Co. Wicklow. The object of the experiment as stated in the Working Plan was "to determine the effects of thinning to different levels of standing basal area after treatment, on basal area and volume increment, diameter and height of the 40 largest stems per acre and diameter assortments of the crop". At that time, management tables had not yet been constructed and there was no recognised thinning prescription consistent with crop productivity. British forest management tables first appeared in 1966 (Bradley et aI., 1966). These were in imperial units and were followed in 1971 (Hamilton and Christie) by tables in metric units and, more recently, by a wider range of yield models (Edwards, 1981» . Thinning grades, defined by the Forestry Commission of Great Britain varied from "A" or no thinning to "D" or heavy thinning.
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