Potential end-use applications of lodgepole pine in Ireland.

  • J.A. Evertsen Forest Products Department, Institute for Industrial Research and Standards.
Keywords: Log quality, lodgepole pine, timber processing, manufacturing, timber utilisation, production, Pinus contorta, log quality, pulpwood.


During the next decade lodgepole pine will become available to the home market in large quantities. To date its potential as a high end-value product has not been realised. Optimising this potential will be paramount to its success as a new commercial species available to the processing and manufacturing industries. An outline is given of its timber properties and its silvicultural management in Ireland. The realisation of the potential of lodgepole pine will be in import substitution. The extent and value of the relevant import markets is indicated and the status of the processing and manufacturing industries which should provide the impetus for substitution are surveyed. A TASKFORCE has been set up to provide a technical and commercial input to ensure an optimised utilisation of this new commercial species.
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