Driven woodcock shoots at Cong.

  • Peter Campbell Forest and Wildlife Service, Cong, Co. Mayo.
Keywords: Game birds, shooting, woodcock, forest habitats, forest fauna, hunting, environment, recreation, woodland ecosystems.


The old traditionalists boast of the prized "Driven Woodcock Shoots" at Cong Forest and it is now pretty well accepted that it is the only one of any significance in Europe. The driven woodcock shoot is classed as the most sporting of all shoots. The Cong shoots, usually of six days duration, in early December and late January, have always been regarded as sporting, social and calendar events. Apart from their undoubted sporting aspect, their social side has always been important in the life of the poorer community of the area. In the late twenties, the thirties, forties and even fifties, local families depended on the December shoot for that 'something' for the Christmas dinner table. The January outing was relied upon for the provision of a pair of shoes or possibly for an item of badly needed clothing. The shoots were definite calendar dates in the area and one still hears of 'such and such' a thing happening "before the first shoot" or "just after the January shoot".
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