What is the correct name for the Dunkeld Hybrid Larch (Larix decidua x L. leptolepis)?

  • E. Charles Nelson National Botanic Gardens, Glasnevin, Dublin 9.
Keywords: Larix decidua, Larix leptolepis, Larix kaempferi, Larix sibirica, Larix marischlinsii, Larix x henryana, European larch, hybrid larch, Japanese larch, Siberian larch, taxonomy, botany.


The name Larix x eurolepis, widely used for the larch hybrid originally raised at Dunkeld in Scotland between L. leptolepis (Japanese larch) and L. decidua (European larch) is shown to be invalid and, it is argued, should be replaced by the earlier valid name L. x henryana, which commemorates Augustine Henry. However, it is noted that if the parentage of L. x marschlinsii can be determined beyond reasonable doubt, this name could take priority over the other two. At present L. x marschlinsii is considered to have arisen when L. leptolepis crossed with either L. sibirica (Siberian larch) or L. decidua.
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