Site amelioration for reforestation.

  • E. Hendrick Forest and Wildlife Service, Sidmonton Place, Bray, Co. Wicklow.
Keywords: Site amelioration, reforestation, clear-fell, harvesting, species selection, brash, slash, burning, Rhizina undulata, fertilisers, soil structure, wind-rowing, site cultivation, silviculture, forest soils.


At present reforestation accounts for ~% of the planting programme of the Forest and Wildlife Service - around 400ha annually. During the next five years (I979-~3) over SOOOha are due for c1earfelling. Most of the c1earfelling during this period will he confined to the east of the country. For the following five year period the pattern will remain essentially the same. It is during the following decade that the emphasis will shift to the c1earfelling of those crops planted during the early fifties - notably those established on Old Red Sandstone and hlanket peat sites. When these crops are being c1earfelled their regeneration will involve an annual planting programme of at least 4000ha annually . Clearly although reforestation is having some impact now its importance will increase considerably in ten to fifteen years time when the annual regeneration area will have increased ten-fold.
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