Treatment of lop and top.

  • B. Moloney Work and Method Study, Forest and Wildlife Service, 22 Upr. Merrion Street, Dublin 2.
Keywords: Lop and top, forest management, reforestation, windthrow, silviculture, brash removal, site cultivation, wind-rowing.


The various options open to the forest manager in dealing with lop and top are outlined. These are: leave the lop and top undisturbed and plant through it; burn the lop and top in situ and pit plant; plant on mounds on top of lop and top; finally, bulldoze stunted trees which are of no value and rip ground at the same time. In Nordic countries soil cultivation is generally practised but in Denmark removal of brash only is carried out prior to cultivation. The author recommends planting through top and lop on good sites but wind-rowing on site cultivation is recommended for poorer sites.
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