The influence of tracheid length and density Sitka spruce.

  • Declan Ward Research Branch, Forest and Wildlife Service, Bray, Co. Wicklow.
  • J. Gardiner Forestry Department, University College, Dublin.
Keywords: Stocking level, spacing, Sitka spruce, wood density, tree ring, tracheid length, early wood, latewood, wood properties, thinning, forest management, windthrow, forest establishment, silviculture, Picea sitchensis.


The influence of tracheid length and density in Sitka spruce upon wood properties has been demonstrated by several studies and it has been shown that there is a definite correlation between tracheid length and the tensile strength of paper. Wood density is the simplest index of the suitability of wood for many important uses. The effects of silvicultural treatments on tracheid length and wood density should be assessed in this context. Wood samples for all of the preliminary experiments described in this paper were obtained from a 37 years old stand of Sitka spruce in Knockrath Woodlands, Laragh, Co. Wicklow. The results of the experiment showed that spacing did not have a statistically significant influence on tracheid length, but it did have a statistically significant influence on wood density. It is demonstrated that mean density decreased with increased spacing. If it is true that both spacing and canopy closure have an effect on wood density, then it could be expected that this variation would normally disappear as the more closely spaced trees are thinned, or as the wider spaced trees close canopy...
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