Land drainage in Co. Clare.

  • Jerry O'Connor Golden Vale, Clare Advisory Officer.
Keywords: Stock, improved fertility, soil, farmers.


Under the land project scheme (1949-1976) nearly 32,000 ha in Co. Clare were drained or improved with the help of state aid to the tune of £1.8 million. This has undoubtedly led to a much better stock carrying capacity on these lands, especially where the farmer followed up drainage with better management and improved fertility. Unfortunately, due to carelessness in keeping drains open, quite an area of these drained acres have been allowed to revert to their original state. With the price of good land around £1,000 per acre and the letting price in excess of £50 per acre in many cases, the time is now opportune to have a look at the present position of land drainage in the county, and to examine the contribution it can make to improving farmers incomes by increasing their capacity to keep extra stock.
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