Forestry journey to New Zealand.

  • T. Clear Professor of Forestry, University College, Dublin.
Keywords: Softwood, timber production, plantation.


Over the years I have followed forestry developments in New Zealand particularly in regard to softwood afforestation. I had many discussions about New Zealand with Professor Denis Richardson when he was at Bangor. He argued that what was happening in New Zealand was important for Ireland and that Irish forestry would be affected by events occurring at the other side of the world. He also argued that the future will see an increasing replacement of currently used industrial timbers by synthetic materials, by timbers from developing countries and by, produce from manmade forests growing on short rotations in regions or countries climatically better suited to plantation type forestry than most European countries. New Zealand had led the way in this regard and he convinced me that the experience of both State and private forest enterprise in New Zealand, where the management and approach was highly professional, would be worth examining and should have relevance to production forestry here...
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