Silviculture and management of high risk forests in Great Britain.

  • T.C. Booth Forestry Commission Research Division, Roslin, Midlothian, Scotland.
Keywords: Stability, soil, drainage, cultivation.


Stability is dependent on such a range of factors that no one person can cover the full field in detail. Although stability as such is one of my projects a lot of what I will be talking about has been gleaned from other people's work at the Northern Research Station on such things as Soils, Drainage, Cultivation and Physiology. There are 2 points which apply to everything I will be talking about: a) The wind speeds that I discuss are normal gales, the type that cause sporadic damage every winter, i.e. gusts at about 60 knots and mean hourly speeds around 40 knots. Gales of the hurricane Debbie and the 1968 Glasgow type pay no regard to any of our ministrations. b) When I talk about the best treatment I mean silviculture and not necessarily economic...
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