The Wellingtonia in Ireland.

  • A.F. Mitchell
Keywords: Giant sequoia, Wellingtonia, estate woodlands, forestry history, California, redwoods.


The Wellingtonia or giant sequoia (Sequoiadendron giganteum) 15 a remarkable tree for its age and size, as is well known, but its adaptability is even more extraordinary. Within historical times it has been confined in its natural range to small groves in the valleys on the western side of the Sierra Nevada, on the eastern border of mid-California. In Eocene times, 30 million years ago, it was widespread in nothern temperate regions, including Britain. Being now so reduced and confined, it might be expected to be one of the less adaptlble trees, whereas, in these islands at least , it thrives in as wide a range of conditions as any tree...
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