Pinus contorta in Ireland - A forester's guide to provenance identification.

  • J. O'Driscoll
Keywords: Lodgepole pine, tree identification, Pinus contorta, basal sweep, taxonomy, morphology, silviculture.


This article examines the coastal, Lulu Island and inland provenances of lodgepole pine. The following are the topics covered: stem morphology; basal sweep; nodal swelling; crown of tree; number of growing points per branch; branch angle; inter-nodal branches; needles colour and their length; retention and appearance; flowering; growth-form; and stability. The range of the species is from Yukon to southern California, along the western coastal zone of North America and into the east from Alberta to Montana, New Mexico and South Dakota. Soil and climatic environments over its range are described. There is a discussion on the differences in phenotypes and on the development of specific nomenclature.
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