The role of the forester in a changing world.

  • John N. Black
Keywords: Forestry policy, foresters, forest management, sustained yield, forestry education, resource management, forest technology.


For whom the forester works, for what purpose and how well he does his job are essential considerations in understanding his role. The forester looks after the forest essentially as a societal resource. He must accept that the objects of management should also be those laid down both implicitly and explicitly by society. Multi-purpose management, greater public access to forests and secondary forest products are considered. Prevailing attitudes towards forest management are questioned. The emphasis ought to be on increasing timber sales and felling rates in periods of high timber prices/demand. The issue of forestry education is examined. A need for specialisation by some foresters is suggested. In conclusion, it is acknowledged that an increase in the accountability of foresters to the public is inevitable in the future as the pressures of more specialised resource management also increase...
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