The philosophy of American forestry education.

  • W.G. Dallas District Officer, Forestry Division. Ministry of Agriculture, Northern Ireland. W. K. Kellogg Foundation Fellow, 1959-1960, Orgeon State University, Covallis, U.S. A.
Keywords: United State, academic, university, foresters.


An alternative title for this paper could be "The Profession of forestry and the education of foresters and the public - what can we learn from the Americans?" The paper is the end product of almost five years reflection on an academic year spent at an American University, followed by three months travelling in the United States of America, meeting foresters, forestry educators and researchers, forest industrialists, loggers and the American people. Since it is a reflection, coming after almost five years of thought, rather than a spur of the moment exercise, following impression or disappointment, it should be more objective in approach. [...]
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