Potential and economic aspects of forestry on marginal and submarginal land.

  • D.R. Johnston
Keywords: Marginal land, land use, economics, rural economy, rural development, marginal forestry, marginal agriculture, peatlands, bogs, heath.


... I am going to assume that the problems of afforestation can, to a greater or lesser extent, be solved by drainage, cultivation, fertilising and the choice of suitable provenances and that tree species such as the coastal strain of lodgeple pine, Sitka spruce and Norway spruce can be made to grow, although they may only achieve a low quality class. The problem can be regarded as a series of alternatives. First, should the land be used for production or abandoned? Secondly, it it is used should the form of land use be forestry or agriculture. Thirdly, if it is to be forestry what should be the intensity of management and what rate of interest should be used in economic calculations? ...
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