The soils of Ireland.

  • Pierce Ryan National Soil Survey.
Keywords: Soil formation, soil classification, soil types, soil distribution, geology, alluvial soils, brown earths, rendzina-like soils, grey brown soils, modified grey-brown podzolics, podzols, skeletal gleys, peats.


SOIL formation is the process by which geological parent materials subjected to the action of natural forces and living organisms are transformed over tirrie into soils. In the course of the transformation various chemical, physical and biological changes take place so that the end-product, the soil, is a completely different natural body from the parent material. The nature of the parent materials and the environmental conditions involved are largely responsible for the character of the resultant soil. Five major genetic factors namely, parent material, climate, relief, vegetation and time are usually associated with soil form-ing processes and man's influence in modifying these natural processes cannot be discounted. The interaction of these factors and the relative impact of each, determine the nature and intensity of the processes by which the inert parent material is developed into a dynamic soil and the character of that soil. A mature soil then possesses both inherited and, acquired characteristics...
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