Bolander's pine?

  • A.M.S. Hanan
Keywords: Pinus contorta, Pinus contorta spp bolanderi, Bolander's pine, taxonomy, species identification, pine, botany.


DURING recent years increased attention has been focused on a number of trees believed to be Pinus contorta, growing singly and in groups in the grounds of Ashford Castle, Cong, Co. Galway. Before the 1961 gales there were 16 of these trees noted, but the "big winds" of September 1961 decimated the Cong amenity grounds and left only 9 of the known Pinus contorta standing undamaged. Fortunately, .a measurement of the individual trees had been carried out in March 1961, and this showed that at least 8 of the specimens were over 80 ft. in height, a further 4 being between 70 and 80 ft. The largest tree measured was 97 ft. high by 10 ft. 8 ins. B.H.G., in November 1961, this being one of the trees that survived the gales. One of the blown trees measured, however, 102 ft. by 9 ft. 3 ins. and contained 167.6 cu. ft. (Hoppus) of timber...
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