The progress of peatland in Great Britain.

  • M.V. Edwards Forestry Commission, Research Branch, Edinburgh.
Keywords: Methods, production, peat, mechanization, drainage, plantation.


A high proportion of new afforestation in Britain is carried out on peatland. Any attempt to specify a figure immediately raises the question as to what is meant by 'peat'. It is very difficult to find any precise definition in spite of the detailed information about peat, on the one hand from ecologists and on the other from engineers. Recently the Soil Survey of Britain, in conformation with international usage, has described peat as an organic soil if over twelve inches deep, and peats below that depth as either peaty podsols or peaty gleys. This makes a convenient definition for foresters. Peat under a foot in depth is usually covered with heather (Calluna) or grasses (for instance Molinia) and with modern methods of ground preparation these peaty podsols or gleys are not usually a problem in establishing trees. [...]
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