The planning of forest engineering activities.

  • E.R. Huggard Lecturer in Surveying and Forest Engineering, University College of North Wales, Bangor
Keywords: Engineers, road, timber extraction, managerial plan, organisation, silviculture, mechanization, forester.


Forest engineers are usually associated with forest roads. Can you think of anything less likely to fire one's soul with inspiration? A newly-constructed road, which is little more than a track hacked from the hillside, serves a purely functional purpose-that of timber extraction and general administration. Perhaps in thirty or forty years time the poet may see it mellowed into the forest scene, set in a silhouette of leafy shade. To-day - it is just a forest road. Therefore, at first sight, the activities of the engineer in the forest would appear to be not only unexciting, but, also, more or less detached from the other main branches of forestry. In fact, such is not the case. [...]
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