Danish and Irish forestry compared.

  • Dr. Axel S. Sabroe
Keywords: Landscape, soil, climate, oak, heath plantations, treatment, administration, education, .


Mr. Chairman, Gentlemen, To-day when I, according to the honourable invitation, am going to speak about "Danish and Irish Forestry Compared" it is with great pleasure but also with considerable hesitation. First, it is difficult to express oneself in a foreign language-and I beg you to bear with my pronunciation. Second, it is difficult to speak about Irish forests. Two years ago I had the fortune to see a few of your forests and you cannot make yourself familiar with the local conditions in a few days, but, as a Danish playwright (Kaj Munk) wrote: "Facts distract" so I do hope that my opinions will not offend you, and I shall be very pleased if you will correct me.
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