The Scottish Gale damage.

  • R. Lines
Keywords: Storm damage, species, climate, storm, wind.


The gale which struck N.E. Scotland on 31st January, 1953, caused unprecedented havoc among our woods. It seems likely that the final volume assessment of blown timber will be over 40 M ft³. Of this it is estimated that 85% is of coniferous and 15% of broad-leaved species. Some idea of the magnitude of the damage is gained by reflecting that only 7 M ft³. of conifers were authorised by the 1951-52 felling quota for the whole of Great Britain. The latter, how-ever, does not include Forestry Commission fellings or timber cut in thinnings, which would bring the figure up to about 16 M ft³. Nevertheless it is clear that Scotland has never before had such a disastrous gale...
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