Irish forestry - today and tomorrow.

  • T. Clear
Keywords: Growth, Europe, timber, Irish Forestry, forester.


The publication of the proposals in connection with the European Recovery Programme has aroused considerable comment and speculation in forestry circles in Ireland. It appears that afforestation on an unprecedented scale is planned as part of a programme of national capital development. Now the part which an afforestation programme might be made to play in this recovery programme is appreciated by only a negligible number of thinking people. To many minds forestry is dismissed vaguely as a long-term undertaking which can have no place in a programme which must be expected to reap immediate returns. It is, therefore, opportune that the potential contribution which forestry might make to the well-being of the nation should be dearly stated, so that forestry may receive a balanced and merited share of any general or national scheme for social, economic and industrial betterment envisaged by the architects of the recovery programme...
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