The vegetation of Irish native woodland.

  • T. McEvoy
Keywords: plant life, botanists.


The present century has seen a revolution in the approach to the study of plant life. Previously field botanists had used what we might call the analytical method-vegetation was divided up into its component species each of which was given its binomial specific name and its general distribution was studied in meticulous detail. The country was divided up into rz botanical districts and the occurrence of species carefully recorded with reference to these districts (e.g., a plant is said to occur in Districts r, 4,6). Thus was built up an elaborate and most useful mass of information covering each species and its occurrence here. The credit for this work is due to such botanists as Alexander Goodman Moore, Nathaniel Colgan, Reginald Scully, Harte and R. L. Praeger. The work is summarised in Cybele Hibernica (r898) and Praeger's Irish Topographical Botany. Recent work has been mainly confined to the distinction of critical species (roses, whitebeams, etc.) and the picture of distribution is now reasonably complete...
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