Lodgepole pine-Silvicultural Alternatives.

  • L.P. O'Flanagan Forest and Wildlife Service, Mullingar, Co. Westmeath.
Keywords: Lodgepole pine, Provenance, Growth capacity, Silvicultural alternatives


Lodgepole pine is a very important constituent of the State forests in the Irish Republic. Three broad provenances are generally distinguished in the species planted here; coastal, Lulu Island and interior. These three provenances have quiet different growth capacities and though all provenances have been fashionable in different periods, particulartly interior in the late thirties while Lulu Island was generally planted in the fifties, though it must be remembered that coastal provenances were planted right through from the early twenties. Plantings from the mid sixties onwards have been almost completely coastal with the emphasis on south coastal provenances.
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