Forest recreation in Ireland: a close-up of the neighbour wood scheme and sculpture in woodland.

  • Kevin Collins Forestry Inspector, Forest Service, Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, Kildare Street, Dublin 2, Ireland.
Keywords: Forest recreation, sculpture, public access to forests.


Recent years have seen an increased focus on the role of Ireland’s woodlands and forests as a recreational resource. Numerous initiatives have emerged, including the Forest Service Neighbour Wood Scheme and Sculpture in Woodland. The Neighbour Wood Scheme provides funding for the development of "close-to-home" woodland amenities for regular use by local people, through partnerships involving local authorities and communities. Numerous critical success factors underpinning successful projects are identified and explored, as they will have relevance to similar projects elsewhere. Sculpture in Woodland in Devil’s Glen, Co. Wicklow, is an example of a project that received support under the Neighbour Wood Scheme. This project represents a partnership between foresters and artists in the development of a sculpture collection in the forest. An overview of the development of the project, and the opportunities and challenges experienced, will be of relevance to similar projects involving foresters and other groups focused on enhancing the recreational use of Irish forests.
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